Statement from the Minister of Technical and Higher Education

Our Ministry is keen to provide the enabling environment to build the capacity of individuals with the relevant knowledge and skills to meet the social and economic needs of families, communities and the society. We build on the beautiful history of our educational institutions that have nurtured intellectuals, whose contribution have been remarkable. As a Ministry providing oversight to all higher educational institution, we strive for excellence, professionalism and integrity in all we do.

The Ministry offers opportunities for students to access institutions of higher learning through a government Grant in Aid and will soon launch a student loan scheme. We offer the platform for students to access international scholarships in our website followed by a rigorous and transparent screening process. Our nation has great potential to explore in the field of science and technology with a youthful population with the zest to break new grounds. We are hopeful, we can source investment to open opportunities for our growing population. We are committed to increase enrollment and retention in the technical and vocational institutions by improving existing structures and developing new ones. We are prepared to transform the middle level manpower as a powerhouse for entrepreneurs to move this nation forward. Together as stakeholders in the higher education sector we can develop a system to compete and excel in the international platform for opportunities to transform our world.

Prof. Aiah Gbakima
Minister of Technical and Higher Education
Republic of Sierra Leone

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  • Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, New England Ville, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • + 232 (76) 416390
  • + 232 (76) 416390

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