Welcome to the Ministry of Technical and Heigher Education (MTHE) Online Education Resources (OERs)

Welcome to OER SL – Sierra Leone Open Education Resources

OERSL is a collection – or repository – of open education resources which are relevant to primary education in this country.


The resources are all freely available for use and localisation by educators, teachers and learners. The resources have been evaluated by a team of OER Champions from the Teacher Education Institutions. There are 2 OER Champions in each TEI and they have been trained in open licences and how to find, evaluate and adapt ope learning resources.


This is a dynamic resource which will grow over time. It will be accessible through the MTHE and TSC websites and on local servers in TEI. Ultimately we hope to have access to OER in schools.


SLOER was built on Aptus from the Commonwealth of Learning. It is a device that makes digital learning possible even where internet connectivity or grid power is unavailable. With Aptus in Sierra Leone, you can browse learning materials and content, and access software tools to support your learning activities. Here are some steps to get started.


Browse learning materials: You can browse Open Educational Resources (OERs) by clicking on OERs or OERs from SL in the horizontal navigation menu above.


Access software tools: In addition to learning materials Aptus comes loaded with lots of software tools and applications to support your learning activities, including a file-sharing tool (ownCloud), a learning management system (Moodle) and more.


Learn more about Aptus: Watch the video below for information to help you get started with Aptus. You can also learn more about Aptus by clicking on About Aptus in the horizontal navigation menu above.