GoSL Pays NLe 26 Million to Promoted Higher Education Staff

Posted By: Sahr Sewa ⇒  Posted Date: 6/6/2024


GoSL Pays NLe 26 Million, Settling Issues with Salary and Backlog Payment for Promoted Higher Education Staff


By Sahr Sewa

Information Officer, MTHE


Under the leadership of Dr. Haja Ramatulai Wurie, the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE) has made great strides in improving the state of staff motivation in public tertiary institutions. This achievement is evident in the efforts of her and her team at MTHE to secure the Ministry of Finance's approval for the sum of Twenty-Six Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety-Two Thousand and Fifty-Nine New Leones (NLe 26,792,059) to cover the cost of promoting Four Hundred and Twenty-Five (425) staff members in these institutions.

It has been no secret that many staff members in public tertiary institutions have been promoted since 2019 but have not received their corresponding salary increase. This has caused dissatisfaction and demotivation among these hardworking educators. However, thanks to Dr. Wurie's leadership, this issue is now being addressed with the recent approval of funds to cover the backlog of salary payments and bring these staff members up to their new salary levels in line with their current positions on promotion.

This is a significant achievement for MTHE, as it not only addresses the issue of staff motivation, but also acknowledges and rewards the hard work and dedication of these educators. With this move, it is clear that the Government of Sierra Leone, under the leadership of H.E. President Julius Maada Bio, recognizes the importance of promoting and retaining talented individuals in the education sector, and is taking proactive steps to ensure their well-deserved compensation.

Dr. Wurie and her team's efforts in securing these funds for staff promotion are a testament to their commitment to improving the state of education in Sierra Leone. As the head of MTHE, she has consistently prioritized the welfare and professional development of educators, recognizing their crucial role in shaping the future of the nation.

Moreover, this action sets a positive example for other government institutions to prioritize staff motivation and ensure that they are adequately compensated for their hard work. By investing in the education sector, the government is not only supporting the growth and development of the country, but also showing its commitment to the well-being of its educators.


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