Blind School celebrates its 65th Anniversary

Posted By: Sahr Sewa ⇒  Posted Date: 6/3/2021


MTHE joins Milton Margai School for the Blind in its 65th Anniversary Celebration

26th May, 2021

The Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Mr. Sarjoh Aziz Kamara, together with other Government Ministers, has on 26th May, 2021 joined Milton Margai School for the Blind in celebration of its 65th Anniversary.

In his statement, Mr. Kamara expressed his sincere pleasure to be part of such a remarkable event, having an opportunity to meet with blind students as his first public engagement as Deputy Minister. He noted government's commitment to disability inclusion, which, in one way, is reflected on the payment of fees for all disabled students in tertiary institutions. He further mentioned the ongoing efforts to ensure that applications made by persons with disability to colleges, universities and technical, vocational & education training centres are facilitated by the Ministry, and that equipment needed to facilitate the learning process in accessing free quality education is made available. He further mentioned his firm commitment to working with partners and other stakeholders in addressing the rights and privileges of persons with disability, with focus on the right to free quality education, protection from discrimination in educational institutions etc. He commended the School for its tremendous achievements made over the years, noting that some of its products have contributed immensely to the socio-cultural sphere, including law, politics and music. "The vision has been set for greater strides in this institution with a strategic plan. With an abled Head Teacher, I believe the bounds are unlimited," he said. He encouraged the students of the school to take their work seriously, adding that with determination they will succeed.

The Minister of Social Welfare, Madam Baindu Dasama Kamara, noted the responsibility of her Ministry to deal with policies and programmes around disability issues, congratulating the School's Management for providing her with the singular opportunity to be part of such a historic gathering. She commended the school for undoubtedly being one of Africa's greatest pioneers in blind education and empowerment, referencing their skills exhibited during last year's commemoration of the International Day of Persons with Disability. She urged the present Administration of the School to rededicate its efforts to the empowerment of its students, with a view to achieving the dream of the founding fathers of the initiative.

In his keynote address, the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Dr. David Sengeh, thanked the teachers and the Alumni for their hardwork and service to the school, adding that the leadership they had shown over the years is very uncommon in other schools. He mentioned government's readiness to support the school in all its educational strides, adding that every child now has a right to go to school through the Free Quality Education, and that persons with disability can continue their education at tertiary level free of charge. "We as a government will stop at nothing but to see our children have access to equitable and quality education, irrespective of where they come from, who they are, how much money is in their parents' accounts, their physical and psycho-social abilities, their reproductive status, age etc.," he said.




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