Student Loan Committee engages media in Bo and Kenema

Posted By: Victor A. Sesay ⇒  Posted Date: 4/6/2021

The Student Loan Scheme Committee has over the weekend engaged inhabitants of Kenema and Bo District in radio discussions regarding the operations of the loan scheme.
The discussions, which were in line with government's vision to ensure quality education in the country, were done both at Star Line (98.5 FM) in Kenema and Kiss Radio (104 FM) in Bo on 20th March, 2021.

According to the National Coordinator of the Student Loan Committee, Mr. Paul Amara, the Committee has done a survey to help actualize the scheme and to inform the Bill which will eventually get to Parliament for their approval.

He assured the public of the Committee's firm commitment to piloting the scheme this year with a view to starting with post-graduate students.
He noted that application forms have been designed and will soon be made public, adding that 500 students will be targeted for the pilot phase, which is based on the clue that such amount will absorb the number of post-graduate applicants of the Government Grant-in-Aid in previous years.

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