GIZ – SL Supports MTHE in COVID-19 Fight

Posted By: Victor A. Sesay ⇒  Posted Date: 8/22/2020

The German International Development Organization (a.k.a. GIZ) has supported the Government Technical Institutes of the MTHE with COVID19 prevention materials worth over 100 million Leones. The materials, included boxes of liquid soap, sanitizer, tissue, veronica buckets, posters and jingles. This gesture is in line with the GIZ commitment to partnering with local communities and institutions working in the education (TVET) sector. Over 2000 TVET students and the instructors and staff will benefit from this gesture.

The methodology used for this gesture was:

1. Utilization of communication and media tools to facilitate our key corona virus messages for radio and personal engagements in the provinces
2. Consultations with staff, students and other stakeholders on helping our TVET students engage in learning during COVID19 spell

In his remarks, the Principal, GTI Kambia, Mr. Mohamed Bangura, said "the small but important and timely support from GIZ is a welcome addition to what the Government and others are doing to fight Corona and to support our TVET centers during this trying times".

In Freetown, the Ministry of Technical Education recommended the following:

1. Increased funding is needed to expand Coronavirus activities to other TVET centers
2. Support to corona recovery is needed for the GTIs
3. Improved skills development for our young people and our instructors is critically needed


  • Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, New England Ville, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • + 232 (74)210044 / (99) 542298
  • + 232 (74)210044 / (99) 542298

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