Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

The Milton Margai College of education and Technology was established as a Polytechnic in 2001 by an Act of Parliament which merged the Milton Margai College of Education, the Freetown Technical Institute and the Hotel Tourism Training Institute as one educational Institution, resulting in the establishment of three campuses - Godrich Campus, Congo Cross Campus and Brookfields Campus.

The MMCET Polytechnic offers programmes /courses ranging from National Vocational Certificate, Trade Certificate, National Technician Certificate and National Diploma to Higher National Diploma, Higher Teachers Certificate and Degree levels.

The Polytechnic has five faculties namely: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business and Management Studies, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Hotel, Tourism and Nutritional Sciences. The Polytechnic has a total of twenty-seven (27) Departments across the campuses. At Goderich Campus, the Faculty of Education has six (6) departments; the Faculty of Environmental Science has four (4) departments; the Faculty of Social Sciences has two (2) departments; the Faculty of Business and Management Studies which is at Congo Cross Campus has one (1) department at Goderich Campus and three (3) departments at Congo Cross Campus; the Faculty of Engineering which is also at Congo Cross Campus has one (1) department at Goderich Campus and seven (7) departments at Congo Cross Campus; the Faculty of Hotel Tourism and Nutritional Sciences at Brookfields Campus has three (3) departments.

The Polytechnic has thirteen (13) members of staff with Ph.D degree; One hundred and nine (109) with Masters degree; fifty-six (56) with first degree; nine (9) with Higher Teachers Certificate; twenty-two (22) with Higher National Diploma; and eight (8) with National Diploma.

The Polytechnic has a student population of three thousand five hundred and fifty-three (3,553), offering divers range of programmes /courses across the Polytechnic. The student population is expected to increase to four thousand (4,000) in the 2018/2019 Academic Year.

The available academic facilities in the Polytechnic are eight-five (85) classrooms, four (4) laboratories, six (6) workshops and two (2) kitchens.

  • Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, New England Ville, Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • + 232 (74)210044 / (99) 542298
  • + 232 (74)210044 / (99) 542298

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